What Being A Boy Mom Has Taught Me

When I thought about motherhood when I was younger, I always pictured having a little boy. During my pregnancy- before my son Isaiah’s gender was confirmed, I KNEW deep down he was going to be a boy. I welcomed the thought of having a son and now, I can’t imagine my life any other way. Now that I’m on the other side six months later, motherhood has taught me a thing or two about life. I learned how to do almost everything with one hand and how to make a bottle in 30 seconds. I taught myself how to run on little to no sleep along with how to be a total mom boss in managing my time. But out of all of these nuggets of knowledge I’ve picked up along the way, never in my wildest dreams did I think my son would teach me something about life.

As a boy mom, my son and I are already pretty different but in a way this kid is wiser than life itself and shines a whole new meaning about what careless freedom looks like. Boys sure are something special- the rough and tumble attitude they carry, the ability to persevere with scraped knees and muddy hands. My son is no stranger to dirt, but it’s amazing how much life he has at only six months old. With him, I learned to live in the moment and let life be lived for the day. I worry about so much as an adult, especially when it comes to my baby boy. But I’m sure you know- fear knows no bounds with a boy while I’m over here finding a way to keep up. I forgot what it was like to truly let go and embrace the freedom joy brings and with boys, that joy seems to come oh so effortlessly.

I know one day as he’s older he’ll experience the things that makes life hard and it’ll be my turn to pick up the pieces. But for now, I look to Isaiah to always bring a smile to my face, to push me to keep going and to keep trying; to never let life be “another day”. This Mother’s Day I want to encourage you my fellow boy mama to let go and experience life again, enjoy the days and don’t let the little things keep you from missing out on what your boy can show you. Be ready to learn and grow even from your kids- they truly are something special.


Small Business Week

“Small Business isn’t for the faint of heart. It is for the brave, the patient, the persistent and the overcomer.” – unknown

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the Momma who does it all? Check out these five small shops for some fun and unique ideas.


1.) Mother Snacker [mothersnacker.com] Give the gift that keeps on giving! Mother Snacker is a monthly discovery box curated exclusivly for overwhelmed Moms that need a Mother Snack’n break!!


2.) Fit Couture Yoga Mats [fitcoutureyoga.comFounded by a fellow Boy Mom, you can’t go wrong with Fit Couture’s chic and trendy yoga mats. These mats are eco-friendly, non-slip and are available in the most adorable prints (think mermaids and pineapples)!


3.) Our Love Was Born [etsy.com/shop/OurLoveWasBorn] These Sky Conversation maps are both thoughtful and beautiful. This Husband/Wife team and prides itself on unique personalized designs and outstanding customer service.


4.) Shop Self Box [shopselfbox.com] This beautifully curated monthly subscription is the fantastic way to indulge Mom. Each box contains 4-7 handmade products for bath, beauty, home decor and so much more!


5.) The Boy Box [theboybox.comSupport Wildlife Raise Boys! This tee is a must have for every Mom of Boys! Available in four colors, this top is perfect for Mother’s Day – or any day!

Happy 6th Birthday Alexander!

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Happy birthday to my sweet Alexander, the little boy I named The Xander Box after! Six years ago Alexander came into this world fast and furious… right on our front lawn! To celebrate his birthday we are having a sale on The Xander Box. Snag this adorable milk print set for just $19 here.


Want to know how Alexander was born on our front lawn?! The morning of his birthday I was having dull cramping but nothing that felt too painful or organized. As the morning went on the cramping got a little more intense so I called the doctor to check in. I told him I didn’t feel ready to go the hospital because it was just dull pain, I didn’t feel any pressure and I wanted to wait it out to be sure it kept up. I put our older son, Aiden, in his room to nap so I could lie down and concentrate on what was happening with my body. Thankfully he fell asleep and missed the dramatic delivery. By around 10:00am I was having contractions at consistent intervals. I called my husband who was at work (nearby, thank goodness!) and told him I was ready to head to the hospital. I started packing up the car so we could go when he and our babysitter arrived. But as I was preparing to leave I could feel the contractions were rapidly speeding up and I knew time was running out. Out of breath and in pain, I fell to the grass awaiting my husband, who arrived at 10:10am… 10:15am our beautiful son was born, delivered by his Dad.


Six years later, Alexander is still keeping us on our toes! He is our fiery middle child and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can’t imagine life without him and we are incredibly blessed he was born without complication. We love you Alexander Lee!


Every year on Alexander’s birthday we visit the Fire Department for a photo. Here my husband and Alex reenact his special day!

Common questions I recieve about Alexander’s lawn delivery:

  • The ambulance did not arrive in time. My husband (who is a doctor) delivered Alexander.
  • I was just shy of 39 weeks.
  • While of course we were in complete shock, everything happened so quickly there was no time to panic. Of my three deliveries Alexander’s was oddly the easiest. It was FAST and the adrenalin got me through.
  • My water did not break until the actual delivery.
  • None of our neighbors noticed – until after the ambulance arrived.
  • I was on bed rest for 10 weeks with my third son.