The Boy Box: August Subscriptions

Check out this sneak peak of our August Subscriptions! If you snagged one of our June or July boxes, these new items mix and match, perfectly completing our summer season!

All sizes receive:
– Navy race stripe joggers
– Gray and green henley tee

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August Bibdana + Hat
Happy Camper Print!


The Boy Box: July Clothing Subscription



I am so excited to give you this sneak peak of our July Subscriptions! Bonus: I will be sending these out early to ensure you receive them in time for Fourth of July celebrations!

What’s inside? I wanted to bring you attire that was festive yet could also be worn after the holiday – and I think we did just that! If you snagged our June Box before they sold out, these new items mix and match perfectly!

Sizes 6mo-2T:
– Ultra soft gray romper with navy pocket
– Reversible navy stripe and red star bibdana
– Red star bow tie

Sizes 3T-5T:
– Navy stripe shorts
– Tank with red backing, star pocket and navy detailing
– Red star bow tie

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Essential Oils for Kids!

It is such an honor to be a guest blogger for The Boy Box! Liz and I first became friends at our Mommy and Me group about seven years ago! 

She was a supporter of mine (and still is) when I first launched my doTERRA business. Launching a business can be hard work, but it is SO rewarding! So when she asked me to guest blog for her new business, I immediately said, “yes!” 

Liz asked me to give you my top 5 FAVORITE essential oil recommendations for for kids. These are oils I cannot live without! I, too, have three children and rely on our oils for emotional, physical and spiritual health. 

I am going to break down my recommendations into categories that I believe are the most prevalent for younger children.

Healthy Immune Function

Kids get sick! A LOT. And then they pass it around. They are always on top of us, smothering us with drool or snot, and putting their grimey fingers in our noses and mouths. It’s cute at times, and at others, definitely not. 

THANK GOODNESS there is a way to boost your child’s immunity as well as your own, so those bugs don’t take hold as easily.

You can even use these oils to help the body get better faster when it is sick. On Guard is the oil you want to have in your home to use EVERY SINGLE DAY, to provide a first line of defense against unwanted threats. 

I dilute mine and apply to my kids spines or feet every morning while they are eating breakfast and are less likely to run away!

 You know how that goes – the second you want to brush their hair, put their clothes on or brush their teeth, suddenly they disappear! 

To dilute, put about a quarter size of coconut oil in your palm and add 1-2 drops of On Guard. Then rub hands together and apply to spine and feet. You can also make you own roller bottle by putting about 10-20 drops of On Guard in and filling the rest with fractionated coconut oil. Then it is easy to apply consistency each day. 

The reason why On Guard works so well is that it:

  • Supports healthy immune and respiratory function*
  • Protects against environmental threats*
  • Supports the body’s natural antioxidant defenses*
  • Promotes healthy circulation*
  • Energizing and uplifting aroma

On Guard can also be used as a safe all-purpose cleaner for your counters! Just add 5-10 drops to a large spray bottle with water, spray, let sit for 2 minutes, and wipe!


This is the reason I got started with doTERRA! I had been on a search for a natural teething remedy that actually worked. 

My son would wake up about every hour for quite a few nights in a row as that tooth was trying to break through. Trying to give him the syringe of Advil and Tylenol was the worst!! Especially in the middle of the night. 

That’s one of the many reasons why I love to use essential oils in my home – because I have OPTIONS with placement on the body. 

For teething, I highly dilute Clove oil (about 2-3 drops in a 10ml roller bottle, then fill half way with organic olive oil), and apply directly to the gums. The clove helps to numb the gums, releasing the irritation!! I just roll a little on my index finger, then rub on one side of the mouth and repeat per “teething” area. 

Since essential oils are metabolized very quickly, you can repeat as often as needed. It may be every 15 minutes, or every few hours. I always reapplied right before middle of the night nursings as well. 

If you didn’t want to apply directly to the gums, you could apply along the outer jaw line and/or use Lavender oil topically that way as well. 

Now, we don’t necessarily experience magical, sleep-filled nights with every application, but the irritability associated with teething is definitely improved a majority of the time.

Tantrums and Sleep

Oh boy! Tantrums and restful sleep. These are the things parents either have too much of, or not enough of! Fortunately, there is one POWER oil that can be helpful for both! 


This oil has been my saving grace. It is the Super Hero of all the oils that promote calmness.

When the kids are going nuts, I grab Serenity and put just a tiny drop on the back of their necks, 

or arm, 

or leg, 

or any flesh that is peeking out from their clothes (because you know they are flailing their tiny bodies around with vicious speed). 

Then, I apply it to myself. Just a drop or two on the back of my neck. Lord knows, I need to regain composure just as much as they do. 

Within a short period of time (maybe 2-10 minutes), the edge has been taken off and we can all handle ourselves a little bit better.

I also put a few drops in the palm of my hand with some baby bath soap and disperse in the tub before bed, dilute and rub on our kids’ spines or feet, and put about 6ish drops in their diffuser to promote restful sleep. 

Serenity has such a grounding aroma, that I use it to calm my own emotions on any given day, just as much as I use it for the kids or sleep. 

Healthy Digestion 

Everybody poops. And sometimes we need a little extra effort to get things moving.

For times such as these, my family relies on our trusted friend, Digestzen. Just a drop rubbed onto the belly as needed, and the body is reminded of what it needed to do. 😉 This is good for ALL ages, just dilute more with younger children (about 10 drops of essential oil in a 10ml roller bottle and fill with fractionated coconut oil).

We also use Digestzen for daily healthy digestion. I find that it makes digestion easier, soothes an occasional upset stomach, and reduces uncomfortable gas and bloating in all members of my family. 

We also use it diluted in a roller bottle for our youngest son (2 years old) at every diaper change. He struggles with some food sensitivities and we have found this to be a good daily protocol for aiding his digestive system. 

Growing Pains

Starting around 3.5 or 4 years old, our kids start having growing pains a few evenings a week. I always feel so bad for them when they wake up crying and in pain! 

With our first born, we didn’t have any natural solutions for him, but with our daughter we are able to put on Deep Blue Touch (it’s pre-diluted by doTERRA) either before she goes to sleep, or re-apply if she wakes up in the middle of the night. 

She feels relief within minutes and is able to go back to sleep easily. We just keep the roller in her room on her nightstand, and roll it on her shins and thighs and rub it in briefly. 

Essential oils are such an easy way to support any body of any age or size! 

Remember, with essential oils, as with anything in life, consistency is key! Use them regularly and you will experience a life of great health! 

If you haven’t incorporated essential oils into your life yet, NOW is the time to get started! Message me through our Facebook page, Firefly Rebel or Instagram @fireflyrebels to receive a special gift from us when you mention “The Boy Box!”

To learn more about doTERRA, purchase oils and connect with me, go to

Much “oily” love to you!

– Jenna Fante

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Father’s Day Gift Guide

Looking for something special for you Baby Daddy this Father’s Day? Surely our Small Shop Father’s Day Gift Guide: Boy Dad Edition will do the trick!


1.) Jack and Winn Snapback Bundle [] Babies + snapbacks = adorable. Matching Daddy Snapback = extra adorable! These sets are absolutely precious and are sure to be a hit.


2.) Cooper and Kid [] Cooper and Kid is a quarterly subscription box of themed projects, toys, books and ideas that, yes, both dads and kids find cool. Fathers want to spend time with their kids doing the kinds of imaginative, inventive things that shape their character and relationship. Things they won’t ever forget. So, get them the Cooper Kit and make memories that will last forever.


3.) People I’ve Loved [] You can’t go wrong with these gorgeous, hand pressed and assembled cards. Did I mentioned that I attended high school with co-owner and talented artist, Carissa.


4.) Tom & Teddy [] “Matching swimwear for big guys and their little nippers!” These beautifully crafted, UV-protected trunks are perfect for the summer memories with Dad.


5.) Fulton Craft [] This custom engraved hammer is a great gift for that special handyman in your life. The wooden handle is custom engraved with the text of your choice.


6.) The Rad Dad Box [] Subscription boxes and gift boxes for new dads and expecting dads. The Rad Dad Box provides items that help Dads bond with their babies and welcome them to Fatherhood!


7.) The Boy Box [] These matching Father Son bow ties are perfect for the dapper Dad. They come in a variety of colors and will keep your men looking sharp for Father’s Day brunch or your next special occasion!

What Being A Boy Mom Has Taught Me

When I thought about motherhood when I was younger, I always pictured having a little boy. During my pregnancy- before my son Isaiah’s gender was confirmed, I KNEW deep down he was going to be a boy. I welcomed the thought of having a son and now, I can’t imagine my life any other way. Now that I’m on the other side six months later, motherhood has taught me a thing or two about life. I learned how to do almost everything with one hand and how to make a bottle in 30 seconds. I taught myself how to run on little to no sleep along with how to be a total mom boss in managing my time. But out of all of these nuggets of knowledge I’ve picked up along the way, never in my wildest dreams did I think my son would teach me something about life.

As a boy mom, my son and I are already pretty different but in a way this kid is wiser than life itself and shines a whole new meaning about what careless freedom looks like. Boys sure are something special- the rough and tumble attitude they carry, the ability to persevere with scraped knees and muddy hands. My son is no stranger to dirt, but it’s amazing how much life he has at only six months old. With him, I learned to live in the moment and let life be lived for the day. I worry about so much as an adult, especially when it comes to my baby boy. But I’m sure you know- fear knows no bounds with a boy while I’m over here finding a way to keep up. I forgot what it was like to truly let go and embrace the freedom joy brings and with boys, that joy seems to come oh so effortlessly.

I know one day as he’s older he’ll experience the things that makes life hard and it’ll be my turn to pick up the pieces. But for now, I look to Isaiah to always bring a smile to my face, to push me to keep going and to keep trying; to never let life be “another day”. This Mother’s Day I want to encourage you my fellow boy mama to let go and experience life again, enjoy the days and don’t let the little things keep you from missing out on what your boy can show you. Be ready to learn and grow even from your kids- they truly are something special.